Sunday, December 20, 2009

1st semester of grad school=complete!

I can't believe it! The first semester is done! Whoa! In a nut shell, I met some pretty great artists, John Currin was my favorite experience because he really helped my friends and I realize not to take things so seriously and have fun making our art! I drew almost everyday! My drawings became very strong and I can't wait til next semester to keep it up! I learned alllll about temperature from my awesome painting teacher Andrew Lenagan! hmmm what else? A great great great Composition and Design class! I learned so much and it actually stuck! Thomas Germano was def. awesome to have as a prof. for that class, I will def. take him again! In all NYC, not so scary, and it makes the situation even sweeter when you have two great friends to share it all with you :) thanks Char and Steph, you guys rock! And a great family, friends, and BF!

***Redo of a painting done a few weeks ago. Had to change the arm position to make in "baroque"...liked it better the other way but had to change it :( ***

Got my schedule for next semester! Getting excited for it! Thank you all for your support! Love you!
**Here are a few images of some of my last projects and class assignments, the others are xmas gifts, which I will have to post after Christmas!**

Structural Anatomy final
Comp. and design Final
Drawing in Figure Drawing class the last week

 last day in Painting class-2hr painting

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

some new stuff

way to busy right now, heres a few things!


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