Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oct 26-Nov 3

Long week, I don't know if I still don't understand how to use this blog or what, I have wrote this same blog 2 times now, so this being my third is not going to be to in depth, for that I am sorry!

So long week, I haven't had a day off, (class on Sunday!), and I am burning out, but I decided to stay in tonight for some good ole me time, so tomorrow I plan on waking up refreshed and start and hopefully come close to finishing a painting due Friday, for I am FEARLESS! MUAHAHAHA!

okay well anyways, my painting class was a bit interesting this week! We painted dead fish! :) Getting ready for the figure this week! woo!

As far as drawings go it was a good week, I feel as said before my drawings are coming along well, I will have to add more tomorrow, they are on another memory card not available tonight....



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