Friday, October 16, 2009

Barkley Hendrix masters class

I was offered a master class with Barkley Hendrix, wasn't so sure what to expect. He wanted everyone to do a self portrait of themselves using a mirror. I really didn't care about the assignment so I just decided I would have fun, and alas I did a portrait that I truly did enjoy for once. The process was great. Barkley isn't one to give out technical advice, rather just philosophical, so getting any criticism from him was hard. But after I kept asking him if he saw anything technical things I could be working on he told me very humbly to consider changing the hue of my background, (it was light blue) because it was blending in with my eyes, so I made it a minty green, which I was very happy with! The photo I have here is in the sunlight from the class so some areas are a bit washed out, like the eyes, I will post a higher quality photo at a later time.

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  1. God.. this is amazing. I think the background ended up being a great choice! It really draws out your eyes and just brings that extra wow factor to it.

    One of my favs is still that montage you did of us. :)



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