Monday, October 26, 2009

Oct 19-23 2009

So this week I did some good drawings as far as painting goes I'm not so happy with my painting class right now. Don't get me wrong I am learning, but I'm just not excited to paint in this class, I'm a little bit over a half through the semester and next semester I will def. choose a class that focuses on the figure, (I didn't realize this one didn't, but I am learning a lot that I can apply to my backgrounds in this class). My drawing classes basically consist of a ton of drawing from the in class model, this is all good practice which I enjoy.

I will be starting a new large painting (I have NOOOO clue where to store once done, but I can't stand working so small lately! Theres just no space in NYC for storing stuff!), anyways the large scale painting is for my design and composition, (my favorite class, it consists of art history and work time, the perfect combo!) The theme is baroque, which is a post renaissance movement which started to consist of subject matter coming out of the picture field, more active with the viewer, you are no longer the observer but part of the painting! Vermeer is a good artist example of this. I will include some in progress pics of that painting next week! :)


this is one from my first week, just wanted to put it in :)

(Charlotte and my painting above) Our painting teacher is making us to a interior series with emphasis on temperature, again, not my favorite, but I am learning and it is the journey that counts

stay posted for next week! feel free to email me!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Barkley Hendrix masters class

I was offered a master class with Barkley Hendrix, wasn't so sure what to expect. He wanted everyone to do a self portrait of themselves using a mirror. I really didn't care about the assignment so I just decided I would have fun, and alas I did a portrait that I truly did enjoy for once. The process was great. Barkley isn't one to give out technical advice, rather just philosophical, so getting any criticism from him was hard. But after I kept asking him if he saw anything technical things I could be working on he told me very humbly to consider changing the hue of my background, (it was light blue) because it was blending in with my eyes, so I made it a minty green, which I was very happy with! The photo I have here is in the sunlight from the class so some areas are a bit washed out, like the eyes, I will post a higher quality photo at a later time.

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Well I just decided to hop on board with the blogspot crowd! I'm going to try and update this as much as I can with new work, stay tuned!

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